About Joseph

Joseph Redman is a native midwesterner all the way from Indiana. He is the cliche "small town guy moved to a big city to live his dreams" sort of artist. Joseph loves Indiana, but NYC is where he always knew he would be. Joseph's first cassette tapes were: Michael Jackson - Black or White, Alanis Morissette - Jagged Little Pill, and Joni Mitchell - Blue. These artists sum up Joseph's personality.

Joseph went to Ball State University where he originally studied Clarinet Performance, Opera, and German after receiving an audition scholarship. He always loved Musical Theatre, and, after realizing Opera wasn't his calling, Joseph switched majors to the Musical Theatre B.A. and hasn't looked back. 

From Me

"I honestly have always loved being an actor, even before I knew I was one. Growing up in Indiana, I had no idea being an actor was a possible career, and I didn't actually realize it was a possibility until college. This 'late bloomer' scenario allowed me to take the time to hone who I am before studying how to tell other peoples' stories. This was a blessing in disguise.

Growing up, I always thought I was going to be a professional clarinetist, which forced me to learn how to read and play music at a very high level. The passion I felt for Clarinet has transferred to telling stories, and I couldn't be more grateful to have discovered this feeling. I have many goals for myself, but the main ones are to remain kind and to listen. The more we listen, the more we learn about other peoples' lives, and the better we can be at telling their stories to the world. Thanks for visiting my website!"



Photographer: Max King